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Seller's Roadmap

Deciding to sell

What is your motivation for selling?  New job?  Did you outgrow your house?  Downsizing?  Change in marital status?  Just because?  All of these factors provide different motivation levels and pricing strategies.

Repairs / Upgrades

What will it take to get your home “market ready”?  Do you want/need to sell “as-is”?  Your motivation for selling could also play a part in the repairs or upgrades you decide to make.  Some sellers may want a “pre-listing inspection” just to have a heads up to what buyers may try to negotiate during the process.

Find an Agent

Find a reliable and trustworthy Realtor. This is where I come in. 

Set a starting price

Work with your Realtor to determine a competitive and fair price. Also, depending on your motivation to sell, be sure to get a sample “closing net sheet” so that there are no surprises at the closing table.

De-clutter and stage your home

Your Realtor will want to leave room for the buyers to imagine themselves as the owner. Remove any family photos or other items that may detract from their mental picture.

Post and Market

Again, this is where I come in. I can handle the professional photographer for home photos and videography. I will also post your property on the MLS and multiple other outlets.

Prepare to negotiate offers, inspections, etc.

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Closing time

Final walk through to be done by buyers.

Hand the keys over!

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